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Considering a personal trainer?

Personal Trainers in Cambridge & Ely
Personal Trainers in Cambridge & Ely

Pick from 2 Fully equipped modern private Studio Gyms. Ely and Cambridge. Train in a spacious environment, with a trainer picked to achieve your best possible results. Cardio, Weight Training and Combat equipment, everything available at your finger tips to have the best possible varied workout.

Personal training is exactly what it sounds like, it’s personal, direct and gets results faster than any other route. The most precise, safe and effective way to achieve your goals. Personal training really is for everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned athletes; our personal trainers are here to design bespoke training plans suited to your level and ability. These are designed to be progressive; safe and enjoyable. Pick personal training Knowledge Applications Results!

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Our Trainers

Our trainers are handpicked fitness professionals dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Cambridge Personal Trainer

Sean Langley
Sean is the head personal trainer of the company. He specialises in event specific strength and conditioning. Sean prides himself on client specifics and his acute attention to detail. He will find the correct formula for each client and help them to apply it.

Cambridge Personal Trainer

Becki Hubbard 
Becki has qualified as a Level 2 Gym Instructor with Premier Global at the Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym in Cambridge and is part way through the Level 3 Personal Training course. Becki has been training with Sean twice a week for over a year now and has taken on her own class clients and will be taking on one-to-one clients from the end of March once she has completed the Level 3 course. Your goals are important to her and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with you to help you achieve them. With her help you can reach them as quickly, confidently and efficiently as possible.

Online PT

That’s right, our training is available online!

Personal Trainers in Cambridge & Ely
Personal Trainers in Cambridge & Ely

What you get:

+ One to One Face Time Consultation, to get to the source of why you want to start training.
+ Nutritional breakdown, analysis and planning.
+ Planning weekly and monthly food and diet plans depending on your goals.
+ Online bespoke training plans and video tutorials.
+ Weekly and monthly Face Time sessions for updates, concerns, changes and goal setting.

All the benefits of Personal Training, implemented Online!!!

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Get in touch with us either by phone, email or pop into one of our gyms and have a chat.

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